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April 12 Minutes

Page history last edited by Brandon 16 years, 9 months ago

Minutes from April 12, 2005


Campus Greens, April 12th 2005

Old business

$22.70 in bottles

Healthcare Protest

County/Capitol Green meetings

New Business

Nader Speaking Event this saturday 1:30-4, at the

Baptist church on state street, workshops in the

morning from 9am-12:45

This Sunday: Fountain Day

Need 20 ppl for pillow fight to earn $100

Banner making party this friday (note: moved to

tonight around 7)


-Monday: Food and the Environment

GMOs- Shooter

Pesticides- Steve

-Tuesday: Earthday lobby day 10:30am

-Wednesday: Pine Bush Memorial, we plan on carrying a

tree in a coffin then planting it on Empire Commons,

starting around noon-noon:30

-Thursday: Bike Maintainence state quad @ 5pm

-Friday: energy-free party?

Dippikill: need more ppl!

Anti-Recruitment: Affinity Group, check out

campusaction.net for the lastest updates

Campus greens elections the 26th


Women Against War: vigil on May 9th @ East Capitol

Park 11-4


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