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Elect Dave Lussier to the Albany County Legislature


He is running in the 7th district which lies wholly within the the city of Albany.  You can find the updated map here.



  • Health Care Reform

  • Green Cities Initiative

    • Revamp abandoned building policy both on the city and county level to turn around distressed properties quickly
    • Ensure that the City of Albany reaches 100,000 people by the next Census to elevate the City's Federal Funding level
    • Support the development of and work to fulfill the Albany Comprehensive Plan
    • Enact SDAT conclusions and promote citizen involvement in the formation of the Albany City Comprehensive Plan
  • Protect the Pine Bush

    • Promote a more comprehensive recycling program to prevent waste and reduce the need for more acres of landfill.
  • Clean Money, Clean Elections

    • Only accept donations from individuals and only under $1000
  • Bicycle Safety

    • Repave roads and paint bike lanes to keep bicycles off of sidewalks and in the street, safe, where they belong.


Meet Dave

  • If you would like to talk to Dave, email AlbanyGreens@yahoo.com, and we can set-up a time to talk to Dave in person.


Dave's Official Website



Support Dave Online

  • You can also donate funds to his campaign electronically using paypal.  Just click the button below to donate!



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