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February 14 Minutes

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Minutes from February 14, 2006


At last night's meeting we talked about a ton of things, and have some

good announcements if you did'nt make it.


In old business, We have a bank account now, and almost a grand in it!


Upcoming Green Events:


Progressive Tabling Day


On March 7th and again on the 15th, We will have the entire lobby of the

campus center available for progressive student groups such as ourselves

to table. This should be a great day and hopefully a shot in the arm to

some of our thinly-stretched activist groups.


On March 20th, The anniversary of the latest Iraq War, we will be staging

a protest somewhere in the area. We are currently looking for local

groups to cooridinate with as well as ideas for a protest. Karl from the

Anti-War network will be planning events and we are sure to collaborate-

perhaps a walkout? Also- SUNYA Peace and Justice is encouraging

professors to observe a moment of silence for the victims of this war on

March 20th, we join them in calling for that.


ON April 29th, we will be taking a bus trip to NYC for a major anti-war

rally. More Details to follow- but if you are interested try to let us

know at the next meeting (2.28)


Campus Action wants to show a Palestinian rights video, and we are

contemplating co-sponsoring upon a screening of the video. We would also

like to find ways to bring this campus together under a non-violent,

educated, progressive view of the tumultuous Isralie-Palestinian issue.


SUNYA P and J will be starting an Envrionmental and food sustainability

group on campus, those interested in helping can find out more at our next



The No Sweat campaign is going well, but still needs your help- E-mail

Matt- Anomie82@yahoo.com for details.


We are planning a return trip to Dipikill, SUNYA's own wildlife preserve

in the Adirondaks. This will be a weekend full of fun, discussion, and

education. We will welcome members from a new Cobleskill Greens group (we

hope). Spots are available for a small fee (20-30) depending. final

dates are as yet undetermined. MOre details to follow.


Thats All I can think of for now- make an addition if anyone has one.


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