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Links to Interesting and Pertinent Websites



Local Groups & News:


Ezines, Blogs, and News websites


Reference sites

  • GDI - Greens for Democracy and Independence; an internal GPUS group committed to grassroots democracy and independence from the elite political parties.
  • Marxists Internet Archive - A large library of Marxist and Marx-influenced theoretical works
  • Situationist International Archive - a collection of the classic revolutionary Situationist International writings



Political Cartoonists

  • Ted Rall - Ted Rall is one of America's premier left-wing cartoonists and has been riling all sides of the establishment for the last decade or two.
  • Get Your War On - David Rees' award-winning strip about America under the Bush Regime
  • Mikhaela Reed - Mikhaela Reed is an up-and-coming progressive cartoonist from New York.
  • Tom Tomorrow - Tom Tomorrow is one of America's most well-known progressive cartoonists.






P3s (Public-Private Partnerships)




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