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March 1 Minutes

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Minutes from March 1, 2005


Old Business-
-movie night last week
-a little trouble getting letters into the ASP but are looking for articles to write for women's history month!
New Business-
-the counter-recruitment has be going forth and will be continuing. Trying to get the military off campus because of the violation of ua's policy on discrimination against sexual orientation. There is a meeting with administration at 3:00 on 3/1.
-Peace Protest with Campus Action on March 9th starting at 4pm. Looking for people to be peace keepers, speakers, or just to attend!
-Iraq War Veteran Speaker will be at Seinna next Tuesday at 4pm.
-March 16th Event: need speakers, more white peace ribbons.
-Homeless Sleep out this friday: bring money for donations or try to sign up for pledges!
-Relay for Life: please sign up to be part of a team with the greens otherwise we won't have a team and we can just make donations.
-tentative conference with workshops for green issues the weekend of the 16th.
-Dippikil moved to the first weekend in May, if you want to go give your $20 to a trusty board member such as Feeg. If you can't go anymore you can get a refund.
-Looking to have Karl Beyman come to campus to discuss his experience in Palestine. Please see Claire if you have any issues with this speaker.
-One Big table: this Sunday at Casa Verde at 7, bring a dish with the recipe and a $5 donation (if possible) for the Regional Food Bank. Bring lots of people it should be fun!!
-City Hall meeting for the urban renewel taking place in Albany. It's at 7 o'clock and is a really important issue to get involved in. The 10,11 and 12 bus all take you to city hall and a group of people will be leaving Casa Verde at 6:00 if you'd like to meet there.
- Anti-Coca-cola GIM next Tuesday in HU 131 at 6:30
Have a great week!!!
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