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March 5, 2008 Minutes

Page history last edited by Brandon 15 years, 11 months ago

Minutes from March 5, 2008


hey all you fellow lovers of confectionary delights,
This week's meeting was a whale of a good time, and a few new, smiling
faces were in attendance (yay)! I just wish Dave J's bread-emitting button was real :(

Old Business
SAC: The SAC was a resounding success! There was a pretty good turnout over the
two days, and everyone seemed happy with the panels and events. Leefrances recorded a
lot of the goings-on with her camera of awesome, and PROMISES that she will have the
footage posted on You Tube before spring break. If not, we have license to maul her.

Nader movie: Unfortunately, not many people came out for 'An Unreasonable
Man'. The people who did attend, however, found the movie enjoyable. Afterwards, Peter L
spoke about his experiences working on the Nader campaign. Oh, and the snacks were
apparently kick-ass. One very excited source informed me that the provided cookies
were, "some of the best ever...but not as good as Brandon's grandmother's." Also, who
doesn't love a giant bucket of popcorn? The next film, 'Sicko', will be shown the
Thursday before spring break, the 20th. Hopefully we'll see a few more people there!

New Business
Lit butt party: Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. Leefrances will be hosting a
little soiree at her lovely domicile on 60 S. Allen, apt 2, next Thursday, the 13th. We will
be creating new buttons and literature for the Campus Green's table. Ideally, if we make
some really sweet buttons, they will elicit donations! Bring some pretty pictures and
awesome ideas. I've heard that just using the button machine itself is a
life-changing experience, so make sure to be there. Hell yes only those whose butt's are on fire
can attend!

Newsletter: The newsletter ball is beginning to roll! We spoke a little bit more about
this project at the meeting, and people have already agreed to contribute
articles/recipes/ideas. Discussion will be furthered at the aforementioned lit butt
party, so come if you have any interest!

Iraq War protest: There was vague mention of a protest happening at the capitol on
Saturday, March 22nd. Regrettably, this is the first day of spring break. Anyone who will
be around during this time and is interested in more details/attending should contact
Brandon or Leefrances. More info to come?

Green Week: We will be talking about our plans for the rapidly approaching Green
Week in April at the next CG meeting. Anyone who wants to help out or has an idea
for an event should come! do itttt.

Fuck Yahoo: I'm tired and I had to retype this since Yahoo made me sign in again
when I tried to post, so bye. I will copy this just in case.


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