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November 1, 2007 Minutes

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Minutes from November 1, 2007


Yes, it's that time again children. Gather 'round for a tale of intrigue and danger. Adventure and valor. Love and hate. It's...Campus Greens Minutes.


Killer Coke Events

-The beverage forum has had a date decided. Nov 15th @ 8:00 PM in SS 131. We'll be giving up the meeting for the forum, so make it if you can. The Greens need someone to talk about the environmental impact of bottled beverages so if you want to step up and do that tell us.

-Further Killer Coke will be tabling in the LC next Thursday so stop by and talk to them if you've got the time.


ASP Interview

-Someone from the ASP contacted LeeFrances asking for an interview regarding the Greens view on the Farmer's Market. Specifically, why we have issues with it. After some discussion it was decided that we don't specifically take issue with the Market, but rather the monopolization of food selling that Chartwells has on campus. Additionally, we see the Farmer's Market as pretty tassels that make up the non-existent Albany Goes Green program which has (according to Envrionmental Taskforce members) done next to nothing. LF will be relating this to the ASP and we'll hopefully see something in the paper in the coming weeks.


Movie Nights

-Matt brought up an issue last week that the movie nights aren't drawing the type of people who would be Greens nor is it something in keeping with our beliefs. Seeing his point, a potential Movie Night has been scheduled for after Thanksgiving Break. We were thinking of doing Iraq for Sale which is centered around Blackwater and other mercenary organizations since that has been in the news recently. Other ideas of An Inconvenient Truth, An Unreasonable Man, and 11th Hour were put as well. If people have a preference about what is shown- please let us know.


Dave's Campaign

-You know what's going on with Dave's Campaign. We made signs last night for people to hold on Election Day. IF YOU CAN HELP AT ALL IN THE NEXT FIVE DAYS LET DAVE KNOW!


Voice: (518) 495-8001

Email: seedaverun@gmail.com


Lit droppers, people with cars to deliver food and the elderly to polling places, sign holders, Dave needs anyone who can give time to give it. This is it- the final stretch.


That's it.


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