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November 8, 2007 Minutes

Page history last edited by Brandon 16 years, 6 months ago

Minutes from November 8, 2007


It's everybody's favorite time of the week: Minutes from the Campus Greens meeting!


-Dave's a Winner!

    In case you've been under a rock since Tuesday or we hate you and just

haven't told you (kidding) Dave Lussier has an election night victory over Brian Scavo for county legislature! By five votes. Yeah. Five.

    Since the race is so close all the paper ballots will have to be counted, so we will know for sure who was victorious on Wednesday of next week. Just to give you an idea, paper ballots (absentee and affidavit) tend to swing in the direction of the race. But at the same time, absentee ballots are often cast by the elderly who can't make it to the polls and generally vote straight Democrat. Affidavit ballots, on the other hand, are generally cast by newly registered voters who haven't made it into the official books yet which tends to go Dave's way. All in all, it's still up in the air as to how this could go. So keep on hoping and keep that good juju flowing for Dave.

    Finally, If you helped out on the campaign at all in anyway, give yourself a little pat on the back; you helped bring about this win. But give Dave a bigger one, send an email, call him up, do sky writing, or whatever else you want to congratulate him if you haven't already! Because god damn it, did he ever earn that five vote victory.


-Killer Coke Email Blitz

    Killer Coke has set up a form email to be sent to the campus administration urging them to break our relationship with Coca-Cola. Essentially it's your classic mass email where you fill in your name, email, and other information. After that it gets sent off to people like John Murphy and UAS. There is also a field for your own message so you can add a personal twist if you want. Additionally, there's a field for your organization, so you can feel free to put in the Campus Greens for that as well. The form is at this address:




It takes about twenty seconds at most to fill out the basic form, so come on, do it.


-ASP Article

    For whatever reason I (Brandon) was reading the ASP and I noticed the

article that we talked about last week. After a perusal of the first paragraph I quickly realized that it was a classic ASP nonsensical article. But further reading, to my dismay, showed our opinions being totally warped and us generally being painted as asses.

    Essentially, the thrust of the article was that the Greens didn't like the Farmer's Markets because "the Farmer's weren't getting all that they could." We also apparently didn't like the fact that Chartwells was donating its profits to the Regional Food Bank. Man, we sure are dicks, aren't we?

    I talked to LeeFrances who was interviewed for the article and she has written up a letter to the editor so we can set this straight. This letter, once again, reiterates the fact that we have nothing against the Farmer's Market itself but more against what it represents: namely the monopoly held by Chartwells and Coca-Cola as well as the Environmental Taskforce and its total inaction.

    Stay tuned for that correction in next week's ASP (hopefully)



    Potluck will be at it's originally scheduled location at 29 Bleecker Place (Feeg and Claire's) instead of 35 South Lake as Jake will be off camping this weekend and a potluck will be hard pressed to take place without him there.


-SUNY Albany Arts Coalition

    Those crazy kids will be having an art show of sorts for First Friday at 3 PM TODAY in FA 223. Go see their stuff and show some support, people.



    We're going to try keep doing cleanups as long as possible. I'm going to talk Dave and see if he's up for continuing them and if so, we're golden. Also once it gets too cold we're going to do Dorm Storming. Tell your friends: we're going bottle hunting.



    LF will be going to the Troy Farmer's Market on Saturday if you're interested in going along tell her.


    There are Farmer Markets every Wednesday from 12-2 at Empire State Plaza in the Concourse for those who want to stay in Albany (Thanks for the heads up Caroline)


That's all folks. GO GIVE DAVE A HUG!


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