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November 9 Minutes

Page history last edited by Brandon 16 years, 10 months ago

Minutes from November 9, 2005


Old Business:


Dave and Alice had a successfull campaign! Thanks to everyone who helped them out! Even though the greens didn't win in Albany we still did really well and it's thanks to everyone who helped out and went to vote!!!!!


Mike Sellers is a campus greens alumni who is now the Mayor of Cobleskill!!! This is  awesome and goes to show that we can get greens in office so don't let our elections discourage you!!!!!


New Business:

We are showing Hotel Rwanda this Tuesday the 15th at 7:30 in LC 6! Barbara Rio will be speaking on the history and current events of Rwanda. Come out to see a really great movie and learn something you might not have known!

We found the guy who has been recycling in the humanities building! He calls himself the Fruit Bat Observation League. We are going to start helping out by adding recycling in one building at a time so that we can see how much help we need and get more people to empty the bins with us. So far we have added the Social Science Building. If you would like to help PLEASE help and email us at uagreens@yahoogroups.com, or fruitbatobservation@gmail.com

Jess from Citizen Action is going to be coming to campus to discuss Clean Elections. The tentative date is November 17th so keep an eye out for more info!!



Just because I've been sending out the minutes doesn't mean you shouldn't come to meetings! Come to meetings because Feeg misses you all!


November 17th Campus Action is having a Peace Rally from 2:30-3:30 on the corner of North Main and Washington.


Seta Winter Wonderland Dinner has been moved to the first thursday in December at 7:00. Sorry for the inconvenience. RSVP at seta@albany.edu


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