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October 19, 2007 Minutes

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Minutes from October 19, 2007


Stuff and things, here they are.


Dave's Campaign

-This week we'll be bulb planting (hopefully) with the guys from ZBT. If planting doesn't go through we'll just do our standard cleanup. Meet at 382 Morris street at 11:00 as per normal. Additionally, since Dave has begun shifting his attention toward direct campaigning (since the election is only a few weeks away) we were thinking about taking up the weekly cleanups as a purely Campus Greens thing to do- more info on that to come. As always, Dave needs people to doorknock and lit drop, so if you're interested let him know or just show up at his house at around 5:00 any day of the week.



-We will tabling for the Campus Greens/Food Not Bombs/Dave's Campaign/Anything else on Wednesdays. If you're free at any point during the \day and would like to come help out let us know or just show up between 10:30 and 3:00 on Wednesdays. We'll be selling baked goods for Dave's campaign as well so if you want to get some delicious things and help out that way stop by.


Video Game Night

-Much to my surprise we can use video game systems in the LCs. As such, we'll be having a video game night every Tuesday to get people out and interested. It'll be in LC-18 starting at 7:00 PM. There'll be snacks and cool-ass people to hang out with. If you want to toss a couple bucks or some canned goods to us as well that would be awesome.


Killer Coke

-Students for Workers Rights (SWR) will be going down to Georgia November 14-16 to join a protest against the School of the Americas. For those who don't know what that is, it was originally an organization set up by the US to train South American supported governments about how to combat (read as: crush) communist movements. Now it's just used as training against all around dissent against governments and it's a very brutal sort of deal. If you're interested, let us know and we'll get you in contact with them.


Beverage Forum (aka Battle Over Beverages)

-We're going to be doing (hopefully) a inter-group event specifically about soft drinks and bottled beverages sometime in November. We have (tentative) plans now as follows:

  -SWR will be talking about the negative impact of beverage corporations, specifically Coca-Cola.

  -The Greens and NYPIRG will talk about the Environmental impact of bottle waste from soft drinks, recycling, and the Better Bottle Bill.

  -We will also be trying to get someone from the Coop or Environmental Food Sustainablity (EFS) to talk about the health impacts of drinking soda. And also maybe talking to the Art Coalition about some sort of art display with the theme of soda bottles/Coke in mind.



-The Republicans want us to debate on them immigration. Nobody at the meeting really wanted to debate this particular topic so as of right now we likely won't be doing it. If anybody wants to debate about that issue or some other one let us know so we can talk to the Republicans.


Bottle Collections

-Brought up during the announcements. We're going to be doing dorm storming to collect bottles that would otherwise be thrown out. We'll be starting the Sunday after next (28th) on State Quad at 5:00 PM. After collecting we'll be going to deposit them and get a small amount of money- it'll be a good time.




As always Potluck this Sunday. It'll be at 9 Western Ave this week, apt. 3. Food at 8:00, so come already!


That's it!




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