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October 28 Minutes

Page history last edited by Brandon 16 years, 7 months ago

Minutes from October 28, 2004


Killer Coke group is going to become a Student Life group and try

and get funding from the university. There should be a GIM in the

next few weeks. Meetings are at 645 in the library on thursdays.


Wednesday November 3rd Peace Rally

At 1230 at the small fountain. We will have some speeches and then

march over to Fuller and Washington near the nanotech buildings to

let them know we know we don't like the fact that they are

developing a bio chip for the military to let soldiers stay awake

for a week straight.


Bottles and Cans Drive

State Quad on monday at 8PM meet in the archway. Please come, the

more people we have the faster it goes and we make money while

helping the environment.

Indian Quad will be after the meeting on Thursday.


End of the World Party is on Election Day(tuesday)

Who ever wins we are still screwed!! and its Matt Conklins Bday.

Party starts around 9:30


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