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October 4, 2007 Minutes

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Minutes  from October 4, 2007


Minutes are written,

In a haiku form most clear.

Will you peruse them?


 Old Business

-Weekly Cleanup

  The cleanup happened last week. You all know what it entails by now. If you want to come help out at this week's: 11:00 AM, 382 Morris Street. If you don't know where that is get in touch with me and we'll go there together the morning of.


New Business


  There will be a conference in DC from November 2-5 entailing workshops about climate change and alternative energy. If anybody is planning on being in DC during this time and would like to go to it let me know and I can forward the information to you.


-Super Smash Bros. Game Night

  So, this potential fund-raising idea has been shot down by SA because if we charge a buy in with prize it falls under gambling provisions in their magical rules. We've decided to keep on with the event in an attempt to get people introduced the Greens and act as a recruitment tool for Dave campaign. Further we're going to ask for a "highly suggested donation" of a canned good which we'll then donate or just eat (not really). We'll be doing the test run to see if it's even possible to hook the damn thing up so if you want to stop by LC 4 at 5:00 PM tonight.



  We'll be doing Tabling every Wednesday in the coming weeks to get the word out about the Greens. If anyone would like to help table on Wednesdays, just send LeeFrances an email at lr621883@albany.edu.



-The Sanctuary for Independent Media

  Will be hosting an event featuring Reese Erlich on Thursday October 11 at 7:00 PM. Mr. Erlich will be discussing the possibility of U.S. Invasion of Iran. There will be a potluck and Iranian music at 6:00 Pm and there is a $10 donation requested. We will be canceling the meeting next week so as to go to this event. If anybody would like a ride please contact LeeFrances at lr621883@albany.edu.


-Killer Coke

  We've decided that it'd be best to help Killer Coke to do events since they have no members. Ideas about getting the word out about Coca Cola's human rights abuses ranged from a cumulative hunger strike to ads on facebook and in the ASP. We'll be getting in touch with the members that remain on campus this semester to see what they would like to do. If you'd like to help out on the campaign let us know. Or if you'd like to know more about Coke's ethical shortcomings visit www.killercoke.org


-Conscientious Consumption Event

  Matt Davidson suggested a workshop for smart eating and reducing the environmental impact our diets have on the Earth. Sounding like a good idea we've pushed it off onto him to come up with ideas about what form to hold it in and what would go on.


-Cleanup this weekend

  As always, the neighborhood cleanup is this weekend. If you want to go be at 382 Morris Street at 11:00 AM tomorrow. If you don't know where that is get in touch with me (bb961634@albany.edu) and I'll get you there.


-Vegan Bakeshop

  LeeFrances may be holding the Vegan Baking Workshop on Wednesday next week. More details as they arise and will probably be confirmed sometime this weekend.


That's it.




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