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September 20, 2007 Minutes

Page history last edited by Brandon 16 years, 7 months ago
Old Business
-Neighborhood Cleanup
Last Saturday we had a cleanup in Dave's district to get his face out in
the community and clean up some of the freakin' garbage that the city
seems incapable of removing! We had a small but dedicated group that
managed to pick up three huge bags of trash and we took care of some
overgrown lawns and hedges while we were at it.

New Business
-What is a Green?
Just a basic overview of what the Green party is about for all the new

-Dave's Campaign
A basic overview of Dave Lussier's campaign for county legislature and a
request by Dave to come out to the cleanup tomorrow and just help out
with his campaign in general.

-Albany Goes Green?
Our sort of investigation in what the campus is doing to "Go Green" goes
on. People talked about the ways the campus were trying to encourage the
students to turn off lights- mostly through bribing by giving the quad
that uses the least amount of energy a foosball table. That's some fine
work they're doing with that. We'll be continuing with prodding the
campus toward doing something, so if anyone has any ideas, come to the

A basic overview of FNB for new members. You already know about it if
you're on the listserv.

A basic overview of Potluck for new members. If you want to know more go
the website. www.albanygreens.pbwiki.com

Sam let us know about Amnesty International meetings. The information
about them is as follows:
Place: LC 25
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 8:30
He also wanted to let us know that the College Republicans would like to
do a debate at some point with us again. Tentative debate revolves around
immigration but it's not set in stone. If you're interested in researching
or actually doing the debate get in touch with us.

Colin (a new member) let us know about a informational on the Jena 6 in
LC 1 which went on after the meeting (not really pertinent now, but hey
it happened). He also brought the Iraq War Moratorium Project in which
college students hold a protest every month over the continuing conflict
in Iraq. Colin offered to get some information about what other campuses
are doing and we'll likely do something with that once he gets back to


That's the entirety of what we did. On a separate note I'd like to thank
all the new people for coming out to see what the Greens are about. We
really hope you guys will stick around and hang out with us some this

On another note, Dave will be doing his weekly cleanup tomorrow. This one
will be a little different and we'll be meeting at 8:30 at his house and
going from there. If you can make it, awesome! Come to Dave's house (382
Morris Street) at 8:30 tomorrow morning. If you don't where that is feel
free to contact me (bb961634@albany.edu) and I'll get you to where you
need to be.

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