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September 27, 2007 Minutes

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Minutes from September 27, 2007



Hello all,

Kind of a low turn out last night so I guess I'm going to keep annoying
people about the meetings. I know that they're boring but it really makes
it easier to know what people want to do if they come and talk about it.
Anyway, enough of my bitching, here's the minutes.

New Business
-Dave Lussier's Campaign Update
Dave's campaign for county legislature is really starting to pick up.
He's gotten a lot of positive feedback from the constituency in the 7th
District during door-knocking. We also had our special, early edition
cleanup last Saturday where we cleaned up a cool old barn down on the
Normanskill Farm. The barn is going to be used as a field trip location
for local schools and have a working forge to those young 'uns what
things were like back in the day. Even though things have been going
well, Dave still does need help. If you're interested in door-knocking,
distributing literature, removing illegally posted candidate signs, or
anything else- let us know and we'll find something for you to do.
Also, Dave is in the week's Metroland where he talks about his vision
for the county and has fancy picture of him.

-Saturday Cleanup
We'll be having our weekly cleanup this Saturday. It's at 11:00 AM and
we'll be meeting at 382 Morris and going out from there. As always, if
you want to come but don't know where it is feel free to contact me and
we'll go together (bb961634@albany.edu).

-National Make a Difference Day
The Presidential Honors Society is arranging a cross-campus group event
for National Make a Difference Day. Essentially the event is something
to make the Albany community a little better (which is something we all
know it could use). Since the event falls on a day that we're already
doing something on (October 27- with our weekly cleanups) we decided
that we'll do something like a food drive during our tabling in the
coming weeks which will then be donated to the National Food Bank.
Also, we will be handing out pamphlets about what one can do to make
changes in big problems on the local level. If anybody would like to
work on the pamphlets that would be awesome. Additionally, the PHS will
be setting up a database of events that other groups are doing if you
want to do something else other than cleanup.

-Vegan Baking Workshop
In the interests of team-building, fund raising, and delicious things
we're going to be having an informal workshop on how to bake vegan.
There will be at least one day on Friday next week with Rez on how to
do so and maybe another if the other baker (Marwin) is free. More
information will be sent out in the coming days if/when a second is
known. If you're interested in baking next Friday after 10:00 AM, shoot
us an email and we'll get it all set up. We will also be giving away
these baked goods as part of a fund raiser for Dave's campaign during
our tabling in the coming weeks.

-Enviro Taskforce
Because much of the e-board is busy with school and all, we haven't
really had time to do much with getting on the Taskforce. Laura has
graciously offered to get in contact with them to find out what they're
actually working on this semester. Once we've got some information
we'll see how things go from there.

-Fundraising Ideas
We need to do fun things. People aren't going to come to our stuff
unless they see something worth doing. As such, we're (tentatively)
going to be setting up a Super Smash Brothers: Melee 64-Person
tournament. What's going to make it really awesome is that we're hoping
to get an LC and projector to play it all on. We're going to do a test
run soon-ish to see if it is actually feasible and as soon as that's
done we'll let you know what's going down. If everything works out it'd
be a five dollar buy-in with a small portion going to the Greens to
cover any expenses that may crop up.
Ana also remember that her family has a vacation house up in the
Adirondacks that we could probably use for a weekend party. We've done
something similar at Dippikill in previous years, but because it's
prohibitively expensive, we've stopped doing it. As long as Ana can
clear it with her family, we may have a new party place. However, as it
is in the Adirondacks it would be problematic getting people up there
with any regularity. If it's cool with her family to party there we'll
be trying to set up something in the coming weeks. And as with the
above, an update will be sent out as soon as we know.

That's it. I'll be sending out a reminder about the cleanup on Saturday
later today.


check us out online at: www.albanygreens.pbwiki.com


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